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Tasteful Pork!

Ghinzellisrl is a key brand on the French and international market for fresh and frozen pork meat supplying is concerned. As an expert in meat processing since more than 40 years, the group‘s commitment is to offer the best French meat while proposing regularly innovations..

Quality Pork meat

Our produce is of high quality thanks to our well robust and pollution-free environment where the pigs are breed

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Perfect Feed

Our pigs are being with one of the best feed out there a mixture and grains and wheat together with chosen vegetables for their wellbeing

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Extremely Low Temperatures

After butchering , our meat is well stored in blasts freezers preserving its texture and kind even in the cold conditions

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Numerous Shops

We have many partners which help us sell our products and affliates too. Contact us to get in contact with the best pork in the market

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  • Bryan Lee
    They offer pork meat both wholesale and in parts at amazing low prices for such fine quality
    Bryan Lee
    Restaurant Owner
  • Damien Renny
    I always restock, from them because i honestly think they are the best
    Damien Renny
  • Laura Cruz
    Amazing taste, and quality pork!! Best ever!! I bet anyone who buys and cooks from them will love it
    Laura Cruz


Via I Maggio, 28
46019 Viadana MN. ITALY



+39 351 1405505

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